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standard Lose Fat & Gain Muscle Naturally

Almost every athlete, weekend warrior, or gym regular wants to build bigger muscles while losing body fat at the same time. This can be a challenging task because the “traditionalists” will tell you that one must sacrifice either definition or […]

standard Muscle Building Supplement Advice

Building muscle is more than just working out, and it is more than just using muscle building supplements. There really is a right way – a scientifically proven way – to build mass muscle. Here are some tips: 1. Make […]

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standard How Ruth the Physician Lost 10 Sizes and Renewed Her Life

How Ruth the Physician Lost 10 Sizes and Renewed Her Life Meet Ruth O’Mahony. She’s a 49 year old physician-turned health content manager who struggled for years with unhealthy eating, yoyo-dieting, lack of movement, and a constant struggle to stick with […]

standard Shine a Damn Light | Nerd Fitness

Shine a Damn Light | Nerd Fitness Time has no meaning in this godforsaken cell. How long have I been sitting here? Hours? Days? The windowless walls feel like they’re closing in around me. A single neon light above gives […]

standard Bulking – All You Need To Know

Bulking – All You Need To Know A Primer on BULKING What is Bulking? Bulking refers to dedicated period of time spent trying to actively increase bodyweight, with most of this weight being muscle. The term “bulk” a noun, a […]

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standard Bodybuilding And Overtraining

One of the biggest problems a newbie bodybuilder faces is determining how much to train. When they start a bodybuilding program, after having never exercised with weights before, the body generally responds relatively fast. The new bodybuilder can see gains […]

standard Post Workout Muscle Supplements

You’ve just finished an awesome workout, and you’re feeling pumped. You have plans with friends, so you move on to the locker room, hop in the shower, don your street clothes, and you are out the door thirty minutes later. […]

standard The Best Bodybuilding Gain Mass Muscle Supplements

If you are interested in bodybuilding, it is important that you learn about the best bodybuilding gain mass muscle supplements that you need. Without these supplements, you will find that your bodybuilding efforts are not only quite slow, but also […]

standard The Bodybuilding Benefit of Whey Protein

Whey protein has an incredible number of benefits, and it seems that current research just keeps finding more and more benefits, but fails to find any negative aspect of whey protein, which was once a waste product in the production […]

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