standard 10 Unusual People Who Are Obsessed With Bodybuilding!

10 Unusual People Who Are Obsessed With Bodybuilding!
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top 10 most amazing people in bodybuilding you won’t believe exist
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  1. Lol that dwarf benching 4 times his body weight.. someone please measure the distance that the bar moves from the racked position to his chest. What is it? 5 inches? Hahah

  2. Its not crazy to lift more than your own bodyweight, Ive been training (powerlifting) for about 6 months with no prior lifting and my 1 rep max on bench press is nearing my bodyweight. I weigh 190 lbs.

  3. HhbbbbbhhhshshHshhhh. ,xxxxxxzjhhjxjxx?jzjszgyyyyy,,myyyhZF Hahaha. 🈸🈸🈸🈸☦🉑🆚🆚㊗️🅾🅾🚯💚🚷🔞🔞🔞🚱🚱💛🚑🚚🏎🏎🚓🚓🏍🏍🏍🚜🚞🚛🚛🚗🚗🚚🚚🚚🚨🚨🚆🚆🛥🛩🚄hdrtg(&&()&[+++999

  4. The 1 inch penis sure is something… Amazing what human body can do.
    but hey!! the homeless guy touched me in a deep way.. no homo. but THIS is dedication, he deserves a good live. If work would always pay

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