standard 20 Minute Dumbbell Strength Training Workout

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  1. Jake! that was great workout and my body is getting more stronger , thank you so much dear Jake ! you are the best ! 🙂 <3
    am happy that you are there Jake!

  2. Hey Jake, I have been doing these videos with my kids (as a form of fun for them while I get a workout) and was wondering: is it bad for them if they have horrible form? I imagine they can't injure themselves because they are kids and they just mess around and I don't let them use dumbbells (I force them to use lightweight objects even though they WANT to use dumbbells). Any thoughts on this? Thanks! They are 7 and 9 for reference.

  3. Hello Jake! I just finished this workout at 6:15am ! LOVED IT! I think the hardest move was the Iron Cross…I had to drop my weights for it in the second round to have better form! Arms are BURNING and feeling GREAT now! Thank you SO MUCH again! Have a Wonderful Day! 😃

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