standard 20 Minute HIIT Workout for Fat Loss – Home Cardio, Strength Training, Cardio Kickboxing, Abs Workout

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  1. great workout again
    coach I weigh around 105kg
    recently I had back muscle pull
    so I m using 10pounds dumbbell for whole workout
    how much calories I would burn..range

  2. You guys are life savers with these amazing workouts, and I'm not even joking. I've been over weight for most of my life now but during summer I decided enough was enough. I first started to over think things and make things complicated, I was getting my workouts from a youtube channel named sixpackshortcut, but never really found results. I never got anything that expensive, it was just me in my downstairs with my 8 to 10 pound weights. I was also just doing one workout, and after about 2 months i was stuck. Until I found you guys. Now I've lost almost 50 pounds in just 3 to 4 months. You guys saved my life, so in return I shall watch and do all your vids, share your name to anyone in need, and when I get enough money I'll donate to you guys. Thank you both for helping put my life back on track.

  3. YEEEHHAAWW! W-O-W! you guys have done it again, amazing workout! I'm actually sweating and it feels amazing (still is weird to hear me say that lol). Few times I was about to give up, but Coach, you always know what to say to keep me going. HASfit = BEST workouts online!!! THANK YOU! I'll be back!!!!

  4. I was sceptical chosing the best trainer in internet though options are more but cho#e the best among them was big task… But after your workout my searches ends at last…i m stick to your training and feel so great after workout…. Thanks man keep up the good work..

  5. hi im from brazil and i really want to thank you both for the work you've been doing. your videos are the only ones that i can stay motivated and the ones that i never quit. your job is amazing! keep doing this great workouts. thank you so muchhhh!

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