standard 30 Minute Total Body Strength Training Full Workout with Dumbbells for All Levels

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EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Dumbbells, a sturdy chair


In this full length total body sculpting workout, we’ll be using dumbbells [grab one heavier set for larger muscle groups in your legs, chest and back and one lighter set for your arms, shoulders and upper back, if available] and a sturdy chair to help us target all your major muscle groups with exercises like squat sits, chest presses, bent over rows, overhead presses, biceps curls, lunges, triceps extensions, planks and standing cross crunches. Instead of using a specific rep count, we’ll be focused more on time under tension during the exercises, so feel free to adjust the amount of repetitions based on your current fitness level. The goal is to hit muscular fatigue while still being able to use proper form and alignment during each rep.