standard 3DMJ Podcast #28: Dr. Mike Zourdos & The Future of Strength Training

3DMJ Podcast #28: Dr. Mike Zourdos & The Future of Strength Training

This week, we welcome the second ever guest to the 3D Muscle Journey Podcast, Dr. Mike Zourdos. This week’s podcast is for all of you out there who like science and research. Andrea, Eric and Mike start off with some tips for those who are considering pursuing a higher education beyond the undergraduate level, or potentially a career in research. They discuss the importance of keeping an open mind to mechanistic research, as well as touch on some of the new research currently coming out of Dr. Zourdos’s lab.

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  1. Mike is a true legend and I've learnt so much from him in regards powerlifting. One thing that never gets made clear. He talks about using plus sets for week to week progression. I understand this, you hit extra reps you up the week next week but do you up the load for every repetition range the following week. E.g squat 10 , 8, 6 plus. Do I add weight to each rep range based on the plus set for that week, or do I just add it to the 6 day and leave the 10's and 8's the same for the whole mesocycle then adjust percentages for the next block off the new training max. Im thinking a beginner/early intermediate can add load to every rep range but for high inter/advanced I like to think that leaving the 10's and 8's as they are set at the start of the 3 week block as it prevents pushing to hard to early in the block. I hope that makes sense. please help.

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