standard 4ucycling 2 Pack Easy Carry Waterproof Divided Vitamin Medicine Box Pill Case Tight Lock 6 Compartment for Daily Using

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1.Compact divided pillbox but has 6 separated small rooms which is a nice pocket pill container for school children. Great ideal sorters which can hold up one week days medicine for traveling. Sleek and tidy small compartments design can also be used as a AM / PM day pill organizer.

2.Tight locking individual lids stay shut even there is a occasional drop. A more safety medicine organizer and holder with multi tightly lock design ( from outside to inside ) avoiding open compared to common pill dispensers.

3.Best choice as a medication pocket pack for a short travel, business trip and daily use due to portable volume with round edge. Smart pill reminders in a backpack or bag at hand for a child or an old man using.

4.Durable and sturdy. High strength materials can guarantee far away from shattering when the box dropped. A real metal hinge just like a door hinge. This hinge is unbreakable and will not wear out for a long time.

5.Never air-slake with a gasket design. 4 non-skid bottom points holds it in place. Disassembled for thorough cleaning allows it can be used for different medications.

6.Pack of 2 is large enough not only for 7 days,but also for portable 12 days tablets supplements. Wonderful containers to hold a whole day supply of vitamins, fish oil capsules supplements and prescription medications.

Sometimes, we may need more than one daily pill organizer for different people at the same time.
Extra terrific cost performance with high quality as a small pill box.BPA FREE materials provide more healthy. Water proof inner sealing gasket design also stops the pill from deliquescing
Tight front lock and small teeth under main body box’s tongue guarantee it never open up in purses or bags
No hinges broken for steel rod connects two parts of the box
Individual tight covers for each compartments separate different medicines
Small size do a favor to easily carry around.Round corners and fits comfortably while in your pocket.QUALITY GUARANTEE with full money refund policy

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