standard Bamboo Charcoal 5 Pack! Purify The Air, Eliminate Odors and Control Moisture | Naturally Freshen Smelly Areas Such as Closets, Cars, Shoes and Diaper Pails | Five 50g bags for 250g Total!

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Our Bamboo Charcoal Packs can make the air in your home feel FRESHER. Bamboo Charcoal has a porous structure that helps remove bacteria, allergens and odors from the air by trapping impurities. It also absorbs moisture, helping eliminate dampness and awful musty smells. Less moisture means less potential for mold and mildew, improving the air quality in your home!

Naturels created the Refill Pack to make an eco friendly product even more environmentally friendy! No need to keep repurchasing outer bags or containers. You can reuse your previous bag, place in a breathable container, or simply place one where needed, as is. Save the rest for future use. Bamboo charcoal has a low environmental impact as bamboo is one of the fastest growing renewable resources in the world! Containing 100% High Quality Moso bamboo charcoal, Naturels Refills are grown without the use of pesticides and contain NO harmful chemicals or fragrances.

The bamboo charcoal recharges when placed in sunlight for at least an hour, once a month. You can reuse the bags for approximately one year depending on the usage. Use 1 pouch (50g) for small jobs, while all 5 packs (250g) can handle an area up to 200 square feet. Try it out today!

BAMBOO CHARCOAL FRESHENS, CLENSES and PURIFIES the air in your home. The porous structure of bamboo charcoal helps remove pollutants, allergens and bacteria from the air by trapping impurities in its pores
GREAT ODOR ELIMINATOR for diaper pails, shoes, cars, closets, drawers etc. Use as is or place sachets in your own breathable bag or container
ECO FRIENDLY packs encourage customers to reuse your breathable bags or containers. Simply replace the bamboo charcoal insert with a fresh refill!
FIVE 50g PACKS containing more bamboo charcoal than your typical diaper pail odor remover. Use 1 sachet for smaller areas or all 5 for bigger jobs!
NATURAL and TOXIN FREE our bamboo refills are a smart way to go! Replace your old chemical air fresheners with a healthier alternative! Try it out today!

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