standard Ben Pakulski Answers Muscle Building Facebook Questions (PART 2)

Ben Pakulski Answers Muscle Building Facebook Questions (PART 2). Join Ben’s inner circle and get exclusive muscle building content here: Ben Pakulski Answers Muscle Building Facebook Questions (PART 2)

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  1. Great content as always ben! Thanks so much for helping out all of your fans and giving back to the community. We all appreciate the help along this journey! I am trying to use my nutrition and training qualifications to help people also and have a few videos on my channel. I am hoping to get to your level one day!

  2. I don't understand your reasoning behind 1 avoiding carbs pre-workout when they are the best fuel for training and 2 your constant worrying about insulin and the insulin response certains foods cause. Unless you are diabetic, it's completely irrelevant

  3. Ben you talk about MCT'S, I know the best source is in coconut oil. would you recommend this as a supplement in a diet, if so when is the best time to take prior to work out?

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