standard Bodybuilding Motivation – Don’t Run Away From The Pain


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  1. It's not good form to take NickVision Motivation's content without giving him credit. Second half of this video is from him. NickVision Motivation – Through all the Pain.

  2. Nice video man, nicks part ive seen before but from the beginning to the ronnie coleman part was extremely good, could you please give me the song name, i need it now on my gym playlist lol. thanks!

  3. Awsome job guys! so amazed! of the progress you doing! it keeps me motivated to do more! 😀 thanks for the iinspiration and new training program,,, I all ready made alot more progress in 1 month, then 4 month of working out! so thanks for the help and all the new stuff i learned :D

  4. This video is better than a pre-workout drink. My favorite dudes like Kai, Kevin, Flex Lewis, Guy, Dallas, Victor, and others. What a beautiful video. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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