standard Bodybuilding Motivation – I NEED THE FURY

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  1. hey everyone i am someone who is just starting a bodybuilding journey.i have been an average joe and i am tired of living the way i am living and i want to change ad become more healthier and build some serious muscle. all i am ask is for you the people to give me the chance to grow and help me with tips and advice so i can achieve golas and complete my dreams thank you

  2. I went to the gym all my life (I'll start again) and talking about this and that came the conversation monsters bodybuilding when I was a kid and told the owner (my friend) you acordas of this, of that, of that another and another and so was the talk, the vast majority died within thirty (30) and beak. . .

  3. look at all the comments from the weak, gutless , pathetic narcissists. totally pathetic tiny people they are. wouldn't now an honest days work if it came up and kicked em in the vagina.

  4. Awesome motivation!!! I'm 39 and getting back into beast mode after a few injuries and a few years off. Its video's like this that make me realize that I can still be a beast at any age!!! Thanks.

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