standard Bodybuilding Motivation – REPROGRAM YOUR MIND

REPROGRAM YOUR MIND – Motivational Video

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Wayne Dyer

REPROGRAM YOUR MIND – Motivational Video
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  1. These are fanatics of body building we are seeing in these videos.

    Trust me, if you are such a fanatic of body building it will most possibly make you one of a dumbest person in the world. Just fitness level and doing some exercises in ordinary day life is another thing (like jogging, running just pull ups, push ups or simple exercises for healthy abs etc or just for healthy way of life) but take it to extreme level is another thing

    If you are getting money through one means or another does not mean you can't be a dumb. Some people say these body buildings are having such a such life style, and money and fame etc. We know there are people real dumb but just because people are getting money or others are viewing their videos (on you tube) so this does not mean they are genius.

    But if you take body building to such extreme and fanatic way then you can't even solve simple problems of life. Because your brain is not used too of having patience and think and ponder on the issue.

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