standard Bodybuilding Supplements: The Science Of Supplements. Which Ones Work And How To Use Them The Smart Way (Bodybuilding Diet, Bodybuilding Nutrition Book 1)

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Discover The Secrets Of SMART Supplemenation For Bodybuilding Peak Performance

With this book you’ll learn which supplements are scientifically proven and how to use them correctly

  • How to choose the right pre and post supplements
  • Which bodybuilding products are scams and how to spot them
  • How to boost testosterone naturally and why you’d want to
  • How to create a customised supplement stack specific to you
  • What is human growth hormone and is it dangerous
  • How to boost your energy to get the most out of each session
  • What is an anabolic environment and why should you care
  • Which are the best proven meal replacements
  • Are the latest star supplements really that great
  • The truth about steroids
  • Much, much more..

The supplement industry is making a killing – and we’re the ones who are dying.
In an industry that’s worth $14 billion annually and where the profit makers control the media, there’s bound to be a lot of hot air and hype. Preying on the dreams of young – and not so young – guys who simply want to get some muscle on their frame, they put in front of them steroid filled genetic freaks and convince them that such physiques are within their reach – so long as they pull out their credit cards. It can only lead to disappointment.

After a few years of this, a lot of guys give up on the supplement companies and look in another – slightly murkier – direction. They become drug addicts – not what they had in mind when they first picked up a weight.

There is a better way. Like all worthwhile endeavors, it starts with accurate knowledge. By cutting through the hype produced by the supplement manufacturers and educating ourselves to the real truth of supplements to support muscular strength and size, you’ll be able to plan for yourself a sound nutritional program that will super charge your results without breaking your bank account.

In this guide you will find that knowledge. We’ve covered every conceivable area of supplementation to power you toward your goals. Look out for supplements that recur in different parts of the guide – they are the superstars that will form the foundation of your program. Sure, there’s a decent dosing of scientific detail in here – but read it slowly and carefully to understand the miracles that are going on inside your body to support maximum muscle growth.

We’ve also included a section on steroids, providing you with the facts to make your own decisions. There’s no sugar coating the fact that steroids will give you greater results than supplements. The information presented here will close that gap considerably, while making you a healthier human being, which is probably why you got into this game in the first place.

Weigh the facts and decide for yourself.

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