standard Bodybuilding: Zyzz’s Shreddology: Build the Ultimate Ripped, Lean & Muscular Alpha Male Physique (Zyzz, Bodybuilding, Protein Shakes, IIFYM, Build Muscle, … Six Pack Abs, Ripped, Alpha Male)

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You’re About to Find out Exactly How to Build the Ultimate Aesthetic God-like Physique!

Want To Build A Shredded Body That Has Guys Jealous And Girls ‘Mirin? You’ve Come To The Right Place

There’s no doubt about it, Aziz Shavershian aka. ‘Zyzz’ had the most aesthetically pleasing physique of all time, this was made up by a combination of the correct amount of lean muscle mass, low body fat along with perfect proportions and symmetry these factors combined produced a god-like body.

This book contains Zyzz’s tried and tested advice on how you can achieve the same look!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

The most shocking myths debunked about building lean muscle
An explanation of different body types and how each type should train accordingly
Dieting and advanced dieting explained
A complete rundown on proteins, carbs, fats & macronutrients
The key to successful bulking
The key to a successful cutting phase – get shredded successfully!
How to build your diet correctly
The best exercise and training regime to annihilate your muscle, causing new growth
An explanation of the essential supplements, and those that are a waste of time
How to smash through plateaus with advanced lifting techniques
A look into the aesthetic lifestyle

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