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Buakaw Strength Training for Muay Thai | Muscle Madness

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  1. This man has chopped bannana trees down with his shins any fucking retard saying some shit about his legs has no idea about conditioning. 98% of men leg pressing over 700 pounds with proper form would shatter there fucking shins trying to do this so go suck a dick you fucking meat heads not to menchine the man will knock you and your moms kids unlces coworkers the fuck out and so on.

  2. ive been doing muay thai for years on end like much respect to this guy but one thing is, when doing trap shrugs it is VERY bad to roll your shoulders like that. its setting you up for futurr rotator cuff problems.

  3. He swings the wheights, What a dumbass. And hes a pro. My fuarking arse he is. Im only 15 and im a, Junior Bodybuilder, And he can´t even fucking lift a dumbell right. Peace out im not gonna watch some guy trying to look hard as shit. When he can´t even do (The thingy with the dumbell) Sry for my English.

  4. all the people in the comments section saying chicken legs, do yourselves a favor and upload pictures of your "tree trunks" legs…. smh all yall are beginning to sound like girls worrying too much about body image

  5. Legendary Muay Thai Fighter, but i hated his rotating shrugs, that shit is terrible for the rotater cuffs. Everytjing else was fine. Im not complaining, hes doing his shit right for himself if hes gettin results. Just gotta fix them shrugs for longevity of his shoulders

  6. Of all the comments ive seen in this video 'chicken legs' makes me laugh hard as fuck. Stupid mother fuckers hahahaha This is a weapon, not a greased up alien freak that can't wipe his own arse without struggling to move.

  7. This guy is fucking a beast, a real life Sagat.. Well if he was like 7 feet tall and 300 lbs.
    But still damn! Shit if he was… Holy cow I swear they would try to clone him ha ja ha.

  8. dem bodybuilders not realising one good kick from those chicken legs will have them skip leg day for half a year
    they ain't for show bruh

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