standard Bulking Meal Prep For Building Muscle – 4,400 Calories A Day: Time To Eat

Struggling to gain weight and build muscle? You’re probably not eating enough to meet your needs. This bulking meal prep packs 4,440 plus calories to help you gain weight and build muscle. I struggled for years but have found several meal plans that have helped me and this is one of them. And I believe it can also help you! This is part 3 and will go over when I eat all the meals as well as breakdown the calories.

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Parts 1 and 2 of this series videos below:

Bulking Meal Prep – 4,400 Calories A Day: Groceries

Bulking Meal Prep – 4,400 Calories A Day: Prep And Pack

Also, this series is very similar to my other Bulking Meal Prep Series “4,400 Calories A Day For Less Than $70 A Week”. The main difference between these 2 meal plans is the cost and variety. The newest series has much more variety, which will make the meals easier to eat. All the videos to that series can be found below:

Bulking Meal Prep – 4,400 Calories A Day For Less Than $70 A Week: Groceries

Bulking Meal Prep – 4,400 Calories A Day For Less Than $70 A Week: Prep And Pack

Bulking Meal Prep – 4,400 Calories A Day For Less Than $70 A Week: Time To Eat

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  1. Awesine video man, quick question about which meals you should freeze and which one's are ok to leave in your fridge. From other times that I have mealed prepped, I usually put my meals for days 3,4,&5 in the freezer and then bring them out the day before to taugh out.

    I was just wondering what you do?

  2. How did you end up eating 4,400 calories??
    How do your macros look with that number?

    As for me, I wanted to ask for some tips. I'm 6'9 at about 173lbs. and I am on a bulk at the moment but for some reason, I feel I'm taking a bit longer to grow even though I'm consuming about 90F/260P/400C. All those macros added up comes to about 3,450 but still feel I'm lagging. What would recommend me to change or modify? I'd appreciate the help!
    Thank you

  3. Man I keep wondering How do you do to be that dedicated and hardworker, I really look up to you and I Hope you to keep growing because you really help mate, thanks thanks and thanks!

  4. May I know what made you decide to microwave the first post-workout meal option and heat up the second post-workout meal option on the stovetop? Thanks!

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