standard Can you build muscle with the TRX Suspension trainer?

What does it take to build muscle? Are big weights needed? Is there a short cut when it comes to making those big gains?

Is it big weights? Machines? Free weights? Body weight exercises? What slaps on the big muscle? Hard ass work it the main ingredient! But remember its a high volume of reps, and plenty of time under tension, along with some big calories to get those big gains before next summer!

Be sure to check out these muscle targeting videos!

20 Minute TRX Shoulder workout

20 Minute Advanced TRX Chest Workout

20 Minute TRX Back Workout


  1. Nice video!!! I am 48y/o male and have been working out with trx, resistance band and body weight exercises exclusively for few months now. Prior to using trx, I could not even do a single chin up. Now, I can do it a couple of times. My goal is to improve strength and muscles tone.

  2. Hi coach Sim, I just discovered your videos and they're great! You have given me a lot of new idea's and techniques to try. Thanks for the help. Joel

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