Part 2 of the video here :

Strength Training strength training strength training !

Strength training is the KEY to a strong, happy, functional
body. It just makes sense !

Running on a treadmill vs. going out, moving, and challenging yourself are 2 different things. I briefly show 4 exercises you can do to build strength and start transforming your body. Next week for part 2 of this video I’ll go in depth and explain the exercises!

The 4 exercises are

Shoulder Tap Pushups

Jumping Lunges

Shoulder Tap Planks

Inchworms w/Pushup

Any questions you guys have let me know in the comments or reach out to me on social media. Everybody have a gainful day !
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My name is Gregory Scott and I help and empower my clients in becoming the strongest version of themselves.
I love everything fitness, calisthenics, and movement related. Whether it’s through in person training, online
training, or through one of my programs I want to spread the gift and my passion for fitness to all.
My goal is to impact as many people as to help anybody that wants it to be the strongest version of themselves!

Because of that I want to know about YOU ! I respond to every single comment and message that I get on here.
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  1. You're doing an exceptional job with these videos, man! Sincerely! Your solid and clear explanations are spot on.
    This sort of quality content mixed with consistency will see you through to success just as it does with training and physical conditioning. "I will persist until I succeed."
    Keep it up, man!

    -a fellow Scott :P

  2. any chance you can do examples of daily meal plans that can be used to achieve healthy eating? does focusing on caloric intake matter if trying to cut or should nutrition be a bigger factor? you are crazy ripped! is there a reason your back doesn't seem straight when doing push ups or is it just a big booty? thanks for these videos. I plan to use many of your body weight routines. oh! does hiit apply here?

  3. Hey bro , great videos , would love to see you do a video on nutrition and what foods to avoid etc ,included in it also , regarding supplements , what supplements do you recommend if any . Thanks man keep it up , you going to grow this channel big soon

  4. Lol also I'm a vegan , so if you could speak abit about Vegan nutrition regarding bodybuilding ( if you have knowledge about it) that would be great !lol thanks

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