standard Cheap Bodybuilding Foods for Gaining Muscle Mass! (2016)

Save money while on a bodybuilding diet plan, so you can gain muscle when doing calisthenics, bodybuilding or even just weight lifting. These foods & meals are high in protein, and will ell you to gain weight and muscle mass. These meals & foods have helped me to gain some muscle mass, and will help hardgainers a lot, and also just people that want to gain more mass. So try the meals out and let me know what you think. 🙂

Mathias Terkelsen
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  1. Any tips for me Mathias i seem to go to the gym every day maybe 5-6x a week and im 6'4 250 LBS and i run and do workouts but i dont seem to lose weight even if i eat well.

  2. Quark cheese is high in casein protein, tastes like bland yoghurt. I buy the arla brand as each pot has 20g of protein and thier only like 75 pence each. I'm new to training and nutrition but am not finding it to hard, plenty of chicken, fish and rice and leafy greens for me!

  3. Use creatine and eat all these food!! Boom!! you don't need all those fancy whey, BCAA ……. stuff! just waste of money. Better to spend money on foods like this

  4. Hi Mathias, thanks for awesome videos. Its been around 2 weeks I am seeing your videos and working out. I am happy with the results. Now the problem is that I am pure vegetarian. So what can I eat to replace eggs and fish for protein? I am from India.

  5. #MathiasTerkelsen..but I always eat 5 kilos of rice and three eggs a day, but no changes to my body..I have been working hard and training in the gym but it does'nt help me out..I workout three months but it took too long to see the changes in my body..please give me some motivation..thanks..I pray you're a better life and be successful and continue to keep moving :)

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