standard Clearance Sale-25 Oz Shake Bottle With Flip Top Spout Wire Whisk Mixer Ball To Mix Protein Powder Easy Shaker Water Bottle (Black)

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☆ Homemaker Drink Blender Standard water bottle design
☆ A mix of the familiar with the new convenient whisk blender
☆ Transparent Bottle
☆ Colored Cap with Spout Flip Top
☆ Tight colored flap with white stopper that flips and snaps closed for a tight seal.

Q:Tired of pouring in powder mixers to end up with gunk at the bottom or powder clumps dissolved in your mouth?
A:Use our powerful whisking blender bottle.

Q:How does it work?
A:Stainless Steel Metal Ball Wire Whisk, the secret is wire whisk.

Q:Why need stainless steel metal ball?
A:IT is high quality stainless steel and rust resistant. It ensures no powder residue with a smooth consistency.

If you’re using a smoothie mix powder and only have to add water, juice, or milk, this is perfect. Skip the blender when you have the shaker whipper bottle.

-Easy to Clean:
*Ensure your wire ball stays in great condition for continual reuse, we recommend hand wash and dry completely before storing with sealed cap.
*Feel free to wash the bottle in the dishwasher, the color will remain vibrant and without breakage.

*It is made of durable Eastman tritan plastics which are BPA free, BPS (bisphenol S), or any other bisphenols. If you want plastic, why not go for the best.
*Rest assured you can have your favorite smoothie, protein shake, diet drink without any harmful chemicals leaching into your drinks.

-Convenient & Portable:
Includes a convenient carry handle along with a loop on the cap that can be used to add a carabiner for on the go hook to backpack use.

Just measure your powder, add, seal, and shake. It works great with all the health and weight management marketing products like Advocare, GNC, G Fuel, Nutrisystem, Isagenix, etc. Buy now![Best Value] We put this bottle on sale, the price from 9.99 to 0.99 plus shipping.If order more than 15 bottles, please contact us for combine shipping saving.
[New Design – Shaker Bottle] – New style with familiar water bottle shape that doesn’t have the narrowing toward the base. Sleek Appeal with two tones cap colors.Comes with a circular loop to hook a carabiner or use the provided handle to carry around your wrist. Check out the short spout and flip cap with stopper to prevent leakage.
[Easy to Clean] – Tritan is dishwasher safe. It won’t dent, ding, warp, or crack in the dishwasher. Even with repeated wash, the colors will remain vibrant. Although the bottles come in colors of red, blue, and black, they are transparent. You will be able to see the amount of liquid you are adding to determine the most you would like to add that works best with your raw meal replacement, nutrition supplement, protein shake, or smoothie powder.
[Easy to Use] – Use with any powders – Most often used for protein shakes, meal replacements, and smoothie recipes. Fits 24 oz of liquid capacity just below cap threading. Use less water, coconut water, or almond milk if you don’t want to overflow once you add with powder due to thickening of liquid. The wire ball whisk is the special force behind the bottle. It is not for decoration. It is the tool that quickly and effectively blends your mix.
Eco-friendly – Recyclable – BPA Free – Eastman Tritan Plastic Material – Tritan has been tested over and over again to be free of any estrogenic and androgenic activity. It is also odor resistant. Why put it away when you’re done with your shake. Wash and use without the whisk as a water bottle.

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