standard DIET tips: BREAKFAST ideas for MUSCLE BUILDING! Part 14 of 25 (Hindi / Punjabi)

The first meal of the day “BREAKFAST” must be the best meal of the day as it gets your ready and gives you the energy to tackle your busy schedule.

We gotta make sure our breakfast is comprised of COMPLEX carbs as well as good fats and protein along with fibre.

In this tutorial we discussed the importance of breakfast and shared few tips on what to eat.

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  1. I realize one best thing in your video is that you always try to advs do not make measure change in your food just relay on daily basis food, like egg, parat & others which is good & fantastic & affordable for every one otherwise people always distract to the people..

  2. hritik bai, salu bai, and sunny bai one day how many eggs we should eat for weight gain and the nother thing is that should be boiled or fried. can we eat one in breakfast whole days egg? like as u said 6 or 7 in break fast. 4 eggs include yellow yogurt… thnks bro keep it up.. i will tell to our friends for subscribe ur chennel.. coz we are fond of build muscle bai like alll of u bai….thnks for giving ur pricious time for us

  3. guru ji which protein is good for beginners I want to gain muscles and I'm just starting to workout my height is 5.11and my is around 65 to 70kg…

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