standard Fast Muscle Building: 15 Bodybuilding Secrets to Grow Drug-Free Lean Muscle Mass Using Natural Supplement Stacks and Strength Training Workouts

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In this book, Coach Rob Regish shares 15 tips for building muscle fast.

Coach Rob is known to give the straight talk on proven natural supplement stacks and unorthodox training methods that deliver stunning physique transformations and fast – without drugs.

Until now, these secrets have only been available in his subscription only Blueprint Bulletins. Readers are now offered a peek into this world of natural bodybuilding and lean muscle mass growth. These tips follow the line of his flagship program, The Blueprint to Big Muscle Building.

Coach Rob Regish is the co-host of the Blueprint Power Hour on Superhuman Radio. For almost 30 years, he has devoted his life to the pursuit of mastering physical culture. He is a former power-lifter, accomplished author, radio personality, product formulator and sought after consultant covering a broad range of topics in the field.

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