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This video is about How To Get a Six Pack. The fastest way to get a six pack and get ripped quick.

We all want those abs. We see them on TV and all over our smart phones but how to get abs the quickest way possible can be a challenge. That is if you don’t know what you are doing. It is pretty easy to get abs if you are at a low body fat but what if you are over weight. It can still be easy with placing self-discipline and breaking certain habits.

How To Get Abs

You heard it before so I will say it again. Abs are made in the kitchen! But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the foods you love. It is not what you eat, it is more how much you eat. And it’s even more what time of the day you eat. You must control your eating in order to get abs the quickest way possible.

Eating Habits

Do not eat 5-6 small meals. This has been fed to you by every muscle and fitness magazine. Don’t believe the hype. Why? Because you will most likely over eat. You eat all these meals for your “metabolism” but your calorie intake will exceed the amount you should be taking in. I don’t count calories and you shouldn’t either. Also you don’t want to carry around tupperware everywhere you go or look for food every few hours. Getting fit should be effortless.

HOW To Eat

Eating 2 to 3 average size meals is key. Also eating in a 8 hour window will help you burn fat while not doing anything. How is it possible to burn fat when not doing anything? When you go 14-16 hours without eating your body looks for something to burn. If there is no food in your body to burn then it will look for your fat. intermittent fasting is key to losing the weight fast if you got a lot of fat to burn. It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle. Make it easy and not hard to get the abs you want.


There are different ways to do it. You can wake up and wait 6 or so hours to eat. You can also eat in the morning and stop a certain time in the day. As long as you are eating in a 8 hour window you should be ready to get those abs in no time.


At first, on how to get abs as quickly as possible I would recommend keeping carbs low. Eat your carbs after weight training workouts and on other days keep them low. Keeping carbs low for a month will jump-start your fat loss. You need to dedicate a month to fat loss if you have a lot to lose. Also eat a high amount of protein and lots of vegetables. The salad is your best friend!

Fat Loss Is Key

Losing the fat is the only way to have a slim mid section. You need to lose a good amount of fat first before attempting to have that six-pack. Now don’t get discourage! If you follow the what I just told you then you will lose the fat in no time. If that is not enough information for you then you can download my Free Ebook by clicking below.


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