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A catalyst is a spark that speeds up a transformation, without losing energy itself. We recognize that the health and fitness industry is accelerated by such drivers of change. Determining what they are – or who they are – is our aim.

As people set transformational goals for themselves, they look towards role models and professionals for guidance. The athletes, celebrity trainers, pro fighters, and fitness models who inspire us.

We have identified that the transformation industry is influenced by the convergence of fitness communities, social media and tech. Out of this intersection comes a surge of innovation – mobile fitness apps.

Millennials are socially-networked and want to participate in their favorite brands’ communities. Often, these brands are celebrities with powerful social media influence. Fitness icons, in particular, have some of the most followed accounts.

We believe in partnering with these influencers, providing them with a global distribution platform to convert their followers into subscribers. And we are proud to build our ideas into a compelling app that the top fitness leaders are already backing.
Fitplan is a mobile sphere where fitness enthusiasts come to find the exact training methods of the athletes that inspire them.

Photo and video-sharing communities like Instagram enable #fitspiration, whereby popular accounts share tips, progress, and workout ideas with millions of followers. Our vision is that these huge social audiences will evolve into paying subscribers.

Here’s how.

The current method of selling workout programs — through an eBook, DVD series, or printouts — brews a perfect storm. That distribution model offers limited interaction with consumers; it’s easy to pirate; and has decreasing relevance to the tech savvy. Fitplan disrupts that model.