standard Full Body Workout For Building Muscle And Strength (High Frequency Training)

Back with another full body workout video from the gym and tips on how to improve your own training. Enjoy!

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Full workout from the video:
Barbell Split Squats
Overhead Press
Hip Extension
Bayesian Fly
Leg Press Calf Jumps
Rope Overhead Triceps Extension

Key points:
One of the biggest mistakes people make while training to build muscle and strength is using improper technique and not using a full range of motion with the movements.

I see this happen in the gym every single day, and it’s the same in all the gym I’ve ever been to.

If you want to build a great looking body in the fastest possible way, with the least risk of hurting yourself, a full range of motion, proper technique and progressive overload are the key.

And if you’re not sure how to perform a particular movement and what good technique looks like just go to and do some research there.

Building on that, the reason I mention progressive overload is because that’s the second biggest mistake I see in the gym. It’s a guy who keeps lifting the same weight for the same target reps, and they never move forward. What happens when you lift the same weights for the same amount of reps your body doesn’t have a reason to grow.

And it’s very easy to fall into this trap because everyone else is making that exact mistake as well.

A few notes on high-frequency training. I’ve been asked about this a few times recently, and the question seems to be coming from the idea that there’s the “best training frequency” out there.

While it’s true that for certain individuals in certain phases of their training plan higher or lower frequencies might be more suitable, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

If I’m doing 6 days a week full body training that doesn’t mean this is the ultimate solution. In a month from now I might be doing each body part twice per week, or three times per week. It’s important to look at the overall context of how a training plan is organized.

For the most part training each body part 2-3 times per week will be plenty of frequency to get the necessary training volume to grow.

However, if you want to experiment with higher frequencies go for it. As said above, there’s no magic one method of training. This is an art as much as it is a science.

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Hope you enjoyed. Let me know in the comments below which topics you’d like me to cover in these voice-overs as I’m going to be releasing more training footage.

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Sony RX100 Camera
Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert
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  1. +Mario Tomic could you in the near future do a couple of videos for working on various muscles/body parts as I have recently joined a gym and have been watching your videos for a while, however, don't yet have a full idea on what to do as i am aiming towards a 6 pack please respond if possible

    yours sincerely

  2. Great video Mario. Not sure if you've covered this in a previous video? What advice do you have for those body parts where you can't feel the muscle being worked – example – barbell curls I feel right in that muscle group – but Rows as an example I never really feel the muscle. As always — great channel and thanks !

  3. Good video, I understand that overweight people like me needs to be in caloric deficit and do some cardio, but how about the actual lifting? is the same as everyone else? I go to the gym 4 times a week, doing push, pull, leg, rest and a fullbody at Friday because I rest in the weekends ( because my gym is closed tbh xD).

  4. Hey mario awesome video and thank you for posting it, was thinking about the rubber band you use to warmup. I live in Sweden what should I search for to get my hands on one of those? Cheers

  5. Hahaha that ending dude! 😀 Thanks for the huge value! By the way, I can recommend not using the thumbs for grabbing the chin up bar or are you doing that on purpose? I stopped to grab the chin up bar with my thumbs, I realized that it works better (for me) to activate my back muscles and to pull less with my fore-arms 🙂 Thanks man!

  6. hey mario,i want to make a wide lats and back,i did lots of lat rows even with 15kg and i have alot of mass in lats but it doesnt make it wide like i want it. I would like to do pullups but im not strong enough for it and im a bit heavy (82kg,not so much fat) and i can do now 3,4 chinups and 2 pullups maybe,any tips or suggestions?

  7. I love your channel — but, as a female viewer, some of your videos are more relevant to me than others. Do you have any female youtube bodybuilder/fitness channels you would recommend? I find your videos inspiring but when it comes to the specifics of training, I'd love a female role model with a similar approach as yours.

  8. Great video. Definitely happy to see more of these in the future. Maybe it would be useful, if possible, to show graphically which muscle groups are trained. Would help memorizing them.

  9. Hello Mario, great video, i just wanna ask, what kind of resistance band do you use in your stretching routine, in the beginning of the video? 🙂 could you link it please, thanks a lot for your great work!

  10. Can you make a video about how to plan our workout with progression? As always amazing video! I'm going right now to the gym to do my push workout! Wish me luck! Haha

  11. Thats not a hip extension exercise. Athlean X says its for lower back. Lots of other people say that too. Plus, when i do it I feel my lower back. If u want to stimulate the hips and glutes do a dumbell/ketelbell swing. How come u didnt do any bicep exercises? Im just curious. Btw, GOOD VIDEO!!!

  12. Hi Mario! Your videos are always really helpful and you have really helped me a lot in my training and my overall journey! I was just wondering if you could do a review and state your opinion on the Greek God Program by Greg O'gallagher from Kinobody. I know you do a lot more volume so I was wondering if his programs are good for beginners who aren't that big yet.

  13. "When everyone else is at the beach , I'm walking to the gym , first session" … Like young children growing up are said to be influenced by violent video games , if my mentality / psyche can be influenced just 5% by the statement above , then I'll be a really happy person ☺😛

  14. Maybe a video on your current progression method (including how you approach your following sets after your top set) and your favourite progression methods to follow? Looking forward to more videos and amazing content and value as always. Keep up the good work!

  15. Being a jerk right here, but that is not a chinup, it is a neutral grip pull up 😛 Chin Up is palms facing you and it's a bit harder than the neutral grip.

  16. Great work Mario!!! i want you to make a video for people who suffer from knee arthritis how can they exercise and what they have to avoid pleasssse do it 🙂 thank you!!

  17. hey Mario thanks 4 the workout, was that your light day on weighted chin ups? is that the best technique? I'm asking due to David from power explosive or Greg from kB say that we don't have to perform a full vertical move, it has to have some inclination, I'm asking because I stop progressing at 70 lbs with 6 reps,

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