standard GAINS DELIVERY! Bulkpowders Unboxing – Protein Powders & Supplements | Making Strength Gains

GAINS DELIVERY! Bulkpowders Unboxing – Protein Powders & Supplements | Making Strength Gains

Bulkpowders Discount:

If you’re lifting, you’re probably eating a whole bunch of different foods to help maintain them muscle gains. There’s a huge range of supplement providers out there, so it’s always worth shopping around for bargains and new customer offers. This time we decided to give Bulkpowders a go using some discount codes exclusive for new customers. Give them try if you’re looking to try something new!

We’re still on a break guys, so you’ll have to sit tight for more powerlifting action. Whilst you’re watching this, we’ll be lying on a beach somewhere or eating doughnuts whilst watching YouTube videos.



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We’re two amateur Powerlifters looking to become as strong as possible (with solid form) across the three main compound lifts – Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. Maybe one day we might even enter a meet – Gotta get strong enough first though right?


➢Disclaimer – All training footage is captured in a commercial gym with the permission of the proprietor and working staff. We appreciate their accommodating attitude which allows us to capture footage for this channel. Please be respectful towards any passers by or other attendees of the gym should they appear briefly in any training footage. Disrespectful comments will be removed.


  1. Am I the only one that doesn't take anything besides creatine ? I've just moved away from supplements as a whole now and keep it really simple. Preworkout when I need it but just my usual creatine.

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