standard Getting HIGH In Harlem | #EverydayDomination vlog 012

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  1. Madison's like I've never seen black people like this in Canada I guess you're making time with the dude because you're using and at his expense for some type of entertainment but it's almost crazy how serious that guy is it makes me cringe I live in Charleston South Carolina and when I walk around on the streets I interact with people or they interact with me that are just like zombies that are like drunk and won't change and won't change 4 beer and how do you make that should not bother you this late in this environment sucks man I mean I know it's not the blocks but I know it's not the Bronx where I live but I kind of want to move to the suburbs so I don't have to see all these drunken zombies someone please comment on this if you also live in a city in the inner city is just like drunk cheeseburgers are just fucking your day off it said cheeseburgers but I meant to say change beggars

  2. Long ago when i first saw you do the video on how to do the human flag hold it inspired me to start bettering myself staring with my health. Thanks BBC always great watching your videos 👍

  3. i hate how a lot of people look down on marijuana smokers as those "potheads" they see on TV:
    The couch potatoes, people with no goals, and not a good image.

    There's other out there who smoke on the regular and graduated school, finicially atable, got a good job, and have a family…

  4. Thats awesome! I didnt know Brandon Carter smoked weed! im already subscribed but now your my favorite weight lifting trainer! aint nothing wrong with a lil Mary here and there, especially if you're disciplined and still get shit done! U the man BBC!

  5. Hey Mr.Carter, I just wanted to thank you for being such an awesome inspiration for me, and for many others as well.  Your drive, ambition,  work ethic, and physique is awesome.  I enjoy your motivational rants as well.  Keep being awesome. Cheers

  6. I'm confused. B real talk what was the purpose of this? Are you trying to prove something? We know your roots but and I truly don't mean any disrespect. But I think I missed something.

  7. So is health & working out still the priority?
    I appreciate the mission/hustle just a little confused as to what this channel is about now. I saw the title like ugh really? Is this what he's on now lol

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