standard Hardest Part About Dieting To Get Ripped (Real Talk)

What’s the hardest part about dieting to get ripped? In this video, I decided to share a few thoughts on the issue.

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Aside from the questions “What’s the best diet to get ripped?” the two other most common ones “What to expect from the journey to getting a six pack?” and “How long does it take to get ripped”.

Those last two questions get asked much more frequently than which diet to choose, what are the best macro ratios etc..

It seems like now the issue for most people is committing to the journey.

And with our logical brains, we try to calculate every little bit of it. We try to predict the future, how much of effort is it going to take and is the return worth it.

It’s only natural to do this calculation, but it’s also causing a lot of guys to give up before they get lean enough to see their six pack.

You see, the hardest thing about getting ripped is to keep doing the hard work when you don’t see any results.

Having that belief that things will work out eventually is the most difficult part. And some people can’t accept that.

In the world we live in it seems like everything has to be calculated, controlled and predictable. Sadly, when it comes to our body we can’t pick where the body fat is going to off from, and for the most part, we can’t know exactly how long it will take us to get ripped unless we’ve done it 3-4 times.

You could be losing body fat from your lower back and your back for weeks before you notice any changes and because you’re only looking at the six pack, it seems like you’re not making any progress.

The thing is, if you’re in a caloric deficit your body will lose body fat, it has no choice. That energy has to come from somewhere.

Now, if this is your first or second time trying to get lean and ripped, you’re probably wasting a lot of your energy and time on trying to predict the outcome instead of surrendering to the process.

After all, the process of managing your calories and macros (especially protein), training to keep getting stronger in the gym, getting proper sleep, eating high-quality unprocessed food most of the time, managing hunger and being consistent with this every single day is what eventually will compound itself into your transformation.

Think about when you were a little kid. How many times did you fall while learning to walk?

You didn’t try to calculate how many falls it will take; you didn’t feel like a failure, and most importantly you didn’t give up.

There’s belief, keep getting up, keep trying.

As a baby you knew it was possible, you see people around you walking. Similarly, you see people in great shape.

There’s thousands of successful transformations, some faster than the other.

They all have one thing in common; the person kept putting in the work regardless of whether they saw the results or not.

They trusted the process.

Let me know in the comments below how this resonated with you.

And see you in the next video!


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  1. Thanks for this. I'm 50 lbs down. I've been way to strict on my diet just to see ab definition and it's not showing no matter how long or hard I'm trying. All this was at the cost of me not enjoying treat food. So I just let the clean macros take a break and enjoyed myself a tracked cheat today. It felt so much better than trying hard to see abs. I hope I'm able to get back on clean macros soon though :P

  2. Mario is at the beach and I'm up in North Dakota on the edge of Canada freezing my dingle berries off. Great video man! lost 35 lbs so far with another 75 to go.

    Thanks Mario! :)

  3. good video mario, you are right, I was in a fat loss plateau for several weeks but i kept working and your videos helped me a lot in a way of me believing that results would come eventualy…and you were right , thanks for all these videos im sure you help a lot of people even if sometimes they dont comment.

  4. mario its me again love this vid. Would your stronglists 5×5 alternative be suitable for me because im 14 years old. Would it be overtraining for me ?

  5. Aldo mario what type of stomach have i got . When i try to pinch the skin of my stomach i can only pinch a little amount. have i got stubborn fat

  6. Oh boy does this resonate. I do agree that, as you say, one must trust the process and have faith. But over time it can get very close to psychological torture.
    Just to give myself as an example, I have now been cutting for a bit over one year, for the first time ever. Counted and tracked every single gram of food, drink, condiment, and always made sure to eat less than 1600 calories a day. Resistance training five days a week and cardio here and there. Progress picture after a month showed a huge improvement, after two months another nice improvement, after three a slight improvement, and then…it just stops. At first, as the mirror shows drastic changes, the diet isn't only easy, it's pleasurable. You wonder how you could possibly ever need more than those 1600 calories. But now it's a whole different story. I don't know if it's clouded judgement or objective lack of progress, but everyday one just keeps on asking himself "When will I ever see my abs?" "Just how many more months do I have to spend depriving my body and mind?"
    Of course, knowledge tells me that the process WILL work whether I want it or not. Caloric deficit = weight loss. But at this rate I started to doubt, against any logic or reason, that I will ever see my abs short of cutting my torso open.
    Again, you are completely right when you say "you have to believe in the process and let change happen", but, as I'm sure you have experienced yourself, be it in getting shredded or in reaching 50,000+ subscribers (congrats, by the way; you deserve many more), that's easier said than done.

  7. After 4 months snapped left shoulder and bad elbow tendonitis cant barely lift a coffee mug without pain so ya never know how its going to go, one thing that strike me indescription about loosing fat from back for weeks is one thing i never thought about since we allways look at front or mostly, people have this false expectation thanks to media get ripped in 2-3 months scams, they put in work diet cardio balls to the walls and after 3 months they get burned out because nothing happened… Its a commitment that takes years just gotta hang in personally i got tiredof thinking
    "What if i did…" Or what if i didnt stop No man im done pulling my belly in regardless of pains, its now or never for there is no other moment in time then now.

    Thanks mario good vid as allways

  8. Top notch as always Mario — love this message and love the Channel!! It seems a little spooky as I'm about 4 months into my 1st cut / training properly, etc and over the last 4 months you hit us with what couldn't be the most timely message to remind me to trust the process ! Prost ! ! !

  9. I would say that the hardest part of getting Lean is the Terror Barrier/the suffering.

    That moment when you feel miserable ,deprived and moody and you have the choice of breaking your diet and feeling good that moment and afterwards you feel guilty and regret everything and you are further away from your goal, or you keep grinding through the suffering until you it disappears.

  10. I enjoy your videos, but your advice usually is specific to men. Are there any YouTubers that you would recommend for fitness advice similar to yours for women?

  11. Ive been trying to diet and I'm 30 percent body fat and i cant lose weight because i always binge. I have all the best information about fat loss, but I've been trying everyday for the past year and I'm still the same because i cant be consistent i always tend to binge

  12. Maybe a weird question to throw out to everyone – but what's the secret to getting a great self pic lol — in the Gym mirror — I'm loving what I see — try to take a pic at home — epic fail lol.

  13. And it's more difficult to keep motivation when you say that some people need to be very low in calorie intake if they don't loose fat like in your video yesterday… :-/

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