standard How to Build Muscle Mass And Strength (NO LIFTING!)

Inside information on how muscle activation techniques help our bodies to build more muscle mass and strength – a huge GAME CHANGER that most people don’t know about.

To learn more about Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques so that you can eliminate the cause of pain and build an age-defying body, visit: and you can also find yourself a MAT specialist at this exact link:

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Vince Del Monte
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BioSignature Modulation Practitioner
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  1. if u are tight in our lower back and a massage therapist massage u on the back he is stupid. U don't need to be a MAT specialist to figuere that out (spelling, not frome the states, sorry.)

  2. I've been watching elliott for quite some time now.. He has been doing what you are doing here for years… he just calls it corrective stretching or simply just stretching…

    I think you should visit Strength Camp… It will make for a nice collab video too…

  3. I need some advice. I do tile and marble for a living in key west fl . Its summer year round here and my job is very demanding and strenuous on my body. I've been doing a full body workout only using body weight exercises every other day for 2 weeks. Now that work is back in full swing I'm worried that i may over work my muscles and not get any gains. What do you recommend that I focus on in order to get a good workout every week without over doing it? My muscle fiber type is slow twitch and i work 7 days a week sometimes only 6. In a week or so i plan to get a weight set or gym membership but for now I have financial constraints that keep my workouts to body weight only.

  4. thanks for the advice. My goal is to share my story of a miraculous recovery from a life long history of drugs and alcohol, and how I still achieved my goals and became a successful healthy business man. I'm encreadably adamant about being able change the way people perceive their lives and show them ,anyone that wants to succeed Will succeed

  5. Tightness is also an indicator of a magnesium deficiency or low levels. Calcium and magnesium are the 2 minerals used to Contract and relax the muscle.. low levels will result in injury, tightness and soreness. Magnesium chloride mixed with water 50/50 makes magnesium oil. Coaches are now starting to use this on athletes across the USA and has changed how fast people recover and prevent injuries.. just Google the following .. magnesium oil athletes

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