standard How to Build Muscle on a High Fat Ketogenic Vegan Diet!

This is my simple calisthenics routine that anyone can do anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to spend hours a day in the gym to gain muscle.

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  1. Hey, i would recommend using run tactic push ups pro. You have to pay like two dollars but it works like a mother^}^}^# get it to your level and then somehow you suddenly start doing more and more push ups and is not that hard. I can already do 20000 push ups at once…

  2. try one leg body weight squats. lean on a chair, to balance yourself. I challenge you to do more than 10 in a set. You can can allot of muscle just doing that.

  3. Not bad dude, looks like it's working for you. Plyo box jumps or plyo frog jumps are a more exciting way to do legs calisthenics style… And yeah you're right who wants to be a skinny litlte cyclist anyway.

  4. That left deltoid @ 2.07 worries me, it appears there is substantial seperation between the anterior and acromial head. I'd get that looked at by a doctor before doing to much more on your push days. Keep up the great content – respect.

  5. Go as deep as you can with the squats and keep your back more straight(kind of like if you are doing squats with weights). You will have to do much less squats for the same effect and work your lower body better. Always look for how to make an exercise harder instead of doing a million reps.

    Doing kicks on a heavy bag is good too and fun, but i don't think you have one.

  6. hill sprints for leg day. they are fun and WAY more beneficial than bodyweight squats, lunges, or anything you're doing right now. plus they're fun. take about a 3 minute break in between sets if you're interested in strength and muscle mass. love your videos keep up the good work

  7. It is surprising how different standard pushup are from heavy bench press and other weight exercises. Sure if you are on spend all day in the gym 3 days a week bench pressing, or takes steriods, you will be able to do more pushup than somebody who does pushups for a few minutes three days per week. But, equal time and all things being equal, if you want to improve your pushups, you need to do pushups when your pecs shoulders, and triceps are most rested, and spend most of your time doing pushups, rather than bench press. This is true even comparing the relative benefits of focusing on standard pushups vs. alternative pushup exercises which place more emphasis on the shoulders. Finally, you gave to consider the fact that similar to what happens when you are powerlifting or olympic lifting, when you do pushups, a lot of the performance gains come not from muscle mass, but from changes in the brain and peripheral nervous system. When you do any exercise, you are primarily, or at least in substantial part, training your brain to do that exercise.

    When I was in the Army, there were guys who did a lot of weight lifting, including some who did powerlifting and Olympic lifts, but these exercises didn't seem to help their pushups muxh, and not at all if, in focusing on weights, they neglected pushups. Most if the guys who could do 100 pushups were not weightlifters. many were naturally muscular or naturally thin, and that may not be beside the point, but there seemed to be no strong correlation between weight training and pushups, in particular (granted, or I should say even, among a group that had a certain minimum level of training in doing pushups)

    These types of things like bench pressing, weighted pushups, other heavy chest, triceps, and shoulders exercises, and alternative pushups exercises (collectively included in the category of cross training), should be done as secondary exercises if your focus is pushups improvement. They should be done, simply because there are decreasing marginal returns from every exercise, and because every exercise emphasizes different muscles, different parts of the same muscle, and different types of muscle tissue. Also, secondary muscles, don't get efficiently trained from doing a particular exercise. Also, high rep – low weight training is beneficial too, either after the muscles are substantially fatigued, as in overtraining (similar to the concept of drop sets), and when done occasionally when the muscle is fresh, because training at a rep range above and resistance below that of pushups can be beneficial in the same way that training with extra resistance. Also, there probably is also some potential benefit from doing things like isolation exercises, though the benefits have to be weighed against the fact that they are obviously are less time efficient because they work one muscle at a time.

    All in all if you are training for 15 to 30 minutes per day, I would not bother with any other exercises besides your primary exercise focus, except as maybe finishing exercises done for 5 minutes at the end of your workout.

    Now, of course, there are so many possibilities with calestetics, you can really get a lot of benefits if you throw in some variety.

  8. You should try doing 3 different exercises for the push and pull workouts.

    Aim to get 3 sets of 10 reps on each exercise. And when you can do that easily, switch to some harder exercises.

    Thats a simple and quick workout template which should be perfect for your goals.

  9. here's one: seated on a bench, explode up into a jump touching both toes with legs fully extended at waist level, repeat….We did those for JO Volleyball…gets you crazy ups….ladder drills can be fun leg work but for quickness and coordination not strength. Dig your style brother…funny as hell keep it up

  10. I am studying to be a certified personal trainer and am leaning towards little or no equipment as well. Also, doing as much put-of-doors as possible. Other than Swiss Ball, resistance bands, and dumb bells, I do not use any gear. Try some lateral and transverse squats and lunges so you do not over-develop some muscles and ignore the others.

  11. Keep it up bro, I think for the most strength and muscle gain is to focus on the best form possible, so keeping your elbows in when doing push ups and engaging your core when doing squats and such. go well

  12. I do HIIT like training on my single speed. I ride on fairly hilly terrain, I find I can build good muscle mass and aerobic capacity at the same time with this type of training. But it takes a lot of motivation and pain tolerance to keep at it. Still, don't neglect squat type movements or deadlifts.

    Also, vary your push-ups. Do some with your legs elevated, but also do some with your feet on the floor. Use push-up stands to get more stretch at the bottom. You can do single arm push-ups with one arm pressing while the other acts as a stand. Weighted push-ups are great too.

    To me, your form is off a bit on your push-ups. You appear to bow a bit upwards with your reps which may cause back issues. This probably happens because you hit more of the upper chest and shoulders by having your legs elevated. But most people are stronger with a flat press, and so your body is compensating by bowing to take pressure off the upper chest and shoulders. Tighten your abs, and keep you torso rigid like a plank.

  13. 15 – 20 minutes? you're not gonna get any gains! you almost definitely will build barely any strength either. try including "black monks sets of isometrics" it will help, but your body type needs harder more sustained exercise to get the blood pumping, especially seeing as it sounds from your accent like you live in canada. it's not about getting massive, it's about getting strong, and endurance is a part of being strong. just maybe not a focus, seeing as we dont have to run after our meat like savages.

    I like your channel, but minimum of HALF HOUR 5-6days a week exercise is recommended by pretty much everyone from buddhist monks and yogis to all the fitness geeks.
    your time just isnt enough to get the blood moving and the muscles ripping. especially seeing as once we get used to an exercise, we need to build on them with progressions in calisthenics or our muscles just get used to what we're doing and then everything becomes maintenance and not build muscle or strength.

    trust me I know brother, I did what you're doing for over a year and saw minimal change til I started stressing the muscles more; more "supersets", "pyramids", and progressions to each exercise. and add isometrics.

    There you go, you're welcome – keep it going (and for the complexion, look up "the salts of salvation" and "santos bonacci and the secret of secrets; elixir of life"


  14. For some more exercises check out.
    Steve Maxwells the encyclopedia of body weigh exercises.
    He does well over a hundred different things.
    Also do your pistol squats holding onto your yoga strap so you can go all the way down, lower yourself real slow and you'll build the strength pretty quick.
    Keep up the good work bro..

  15. dude for the pistols, try using your stool from a height you can lift yourself from seated with one leg. as your leg gets stronger you can lower it. also, i bought a 12lb weighted vest to make my pullups and pushups more challenging…i do these same exercises at home too

  16. Hey, i noticed that you want more interesting workout's my friend 🙂 i do recommend watch AthleanX youtube channel. He does make body bodyweight workout's so much more funnyer and challenging plus it help's to grow more muscles. P.S i'm trying to go vegan and see how it goes 🙂 good luck and bye. P.P.S sorry for my bad english :)

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