standard How to Build Muscle without Gym with Calisthenics/Bodyweight

You don’t need to pump iron to build great body. Applying a few simple rules for bodyweight workout can make such training work like a charm. So there is one less excuse for you, to get that body you’ve always dreamed about!

Hypertrophy chart:

If you want to learn more advanced calisthenics moves like:
– straddle planche,
– human flag,
– front lever,
– back lever,
– handstand push ups,
– handstand,
– press to handstand,
– L-sit,
– V-sit,
– muscle up,
– one arm chin up,

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  1. For pull-up. I can hardly do 7-12reps after first set. Should I do easier exercise like Australian pull-up?Btw really great video. Thanks for the hard work

  2. "Strength training typically produces a combination of the two different types of hypertrophy: contraction against 80 to 90% of the one-repetition maximum for 2–6 repetitions (reps) causes myofibrillated hypertrophy to dominate (as in powerlifters, Olympic lifters and strength athletes), whereas several repetitions (generally 8–12 for bodybuilding or 12 or more for muscular endurance) against a submaximal load facilitates mainly sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (professional bodybuilders and endurance athletes)."
    – Wikipedia

    Am I to conclude that the hypertrophy range is really more about aesthetics than actual strength? I feel like I am at a stage where I don't want to have bigger muscles, but simply more strength with the muscle I already have. In some sense, wouldn't gaining larger muscles without strength also make you a bit weaker due to a heightened mass?

  3. Great video! I'm stopping weight training and going back to callisthenics. They say 60% diet, 40% workout. What is a good diet to help build muscle quicker with callisthenics?

  4. Great video! I have a question though. Howmany exercises should you do per body part. So if you are saying do 3-5 sets of 10 pushups, should you only be doing 1 push up variation, or should you do something like 3x 10 diamonds 3×10 wides 3×10 regulars or is that too much? Do you have a video explaining this perhaps?

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