standard How To Gain MORE Muscle in 3 EASY Steps

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  1. Yes, if you enjoy cancer, osteoarthritis, kidney damage and other assorted internal problems then by all means take more protein and make sure it is animal protein. Sometimes we need to stick with what we know. Some of us know fashion and some of us know nutrition, but very few know both so I would stick to what you know.

  2. Hey Jose, great video! Quick question for you. What advise do you have when one is trying to gain muscle but also lose the final 10ish lbs to have abs showing? Thanks!

  3. progressive overload is more then just those add more reps or weight there's also if you take shorter rest periods if it takes less time to move the weight if your workout gets shorter to do if you move the weight easier if your recovering faster

  4. For skinny guys you need to gain more mass which is eating more a lot more more than you eat and get lots of protein you can't be scared to get some fat but train while you training your turning fat into muscle

  5. going to the gym is not for everybody. I'm single and go to work 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I take care of what I eat and I do push ups pull ups and crunches every other night and run on sunday afternoon. And I'm pretty satisfy with my body. you don't need all those muscles to look good

  6. I'm 13, now im 6'3 with 4% Body fat and 19 inch biceps. I have the biggest quads and abs in my class and i could finally knock out the nerdy kid in the year below. Got him good, crying blood but i didn't stop. put him in a&e and now he's in a coma. No-one knows its me though because i did it behind the trash cans lolololol. Thanks man, im gonna beat this other kid up tomorrow, he plays minecraft, makes lets plays. what a fkin joke lmao, ima make him cry. Wish me luck guys. Im also going to pull his pants down in front of all the fit year 4's. Thanks guys!

  7. I don't know how I stumbled on to your channel but I gotta say. You inspired me. I'm 21 and for a what I could say is majority of my life I've been called skinny. This has greatly affected my self esteem. This particular video has motivated me to do something about it. So it's 11/2/16 as I'm typing this comment. Tomorrow morning, I'll be getting a gym membership and i'll also buy some of that protein stuff you mentioned. Thanks for the inspiration not only with this video but your clothing tips as well. Where has your channel been all my life?

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