standard How to Gain Muscle Mass (HARDGAINER EDITION)

How to Gain Muscle Mass (HARDGAINER EDITION)

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Hardgainers often ask the question about how to gain muscle mass the fastest because they struggle to do it no matter how hard they train…or so they think. In this video, I’m going to cover the three biggest mistakes skinny guys and hardgainers make when it comes to building muscle. Each of these three things are easily fixable if you just change your mindset and how you approach your workouts and nutrition.

The first big mistake skinny guys make when it comes to gaining muscle mass is that they confuse effort with good effort. Anybody can show up to the gym and maybe even spend an hour or more training and working out. The problem is, unless that effort is directed to the right muscles in the right way you could be wasting a whole lot of time. Here we illustrate how a curl can be performed either just to get the weights from point a to point b or how it can be done the right way. In the second example, the weight is being controlled by the biceps and the force is being directed at the appropriate muscle.

When you place the tension on the muscle you are actually training to gain muscle mass in, you will be surprised at how much better the muscle growth is. Even more, you might find that you will have to lessen the weights that you use to work out the muscle. That is ok. Your muscles are not aware of pounds but how the pounds you use make them feel. When the effect of the weight you use is taxing enough on the muscles being trained, they respond by growing.

Next big mistake for hardgainers and skinny guys when trying to build muscle is to let their self consciousness guide their exercise choice. For instance, a skinny guy may not want to perform a big lift like the bench press, squats or deadlifts for fear that they may be made fun of because they are not lifting heavy weights when doing them. So instead they stick to isolation exercises that allow them to hide in the corner and not be seen.

This type of attitude is exactly the opposite of what they should be doing to build muscle mass however. In truth, most people are not looking at you and judging you for what you lift. They are focused on their own workouts and realize that they too started out somewhere and made a climb that began with lighter weights as well.

Finally, nutrition is one of the biggest areas that skinny guys mess up when trying to gain muscle mass fast. All calories are not the same when it comes to building quality lean muscle. Filling your body with empty calories (no matter how many you take in) will never produce the same effect of muscle growth as taking in fewer high quality calories will. Start swapping out the garbage calories for more nutrient dense foods and you will be amazed at how much faster you gain muscle.

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  1. my elbow and forearm hurt when I do lateral raises, even with very light weight. treating it as tendonitis, what other exercises  could I do to develop my delts?

  2. Hey Jeff! I love your videos. I have been a long time watcher and man oh man do you know your stuff. You have really helped me to not only build muscle mass but to eat right and learn new techniques. Your a good man and keep it up!

  3. As a former skinny guy who recently gained a little (little) bit of muscle my chest is a tad bit imbalanced, am I supposed to try to slowly fix it (and how?) or just keep training the way I do and fix it later?

  4. Great content, I think you should have included or highlighted how important rest days are. Because I have a friend who try's to do 6 days a week and red lines in each workout.

  5. I'm 36 skinny guy never really worked out before but maybe here or there. I'm dying to know at my age and size if I really pushed myself and got on a good work out program can I make some good gains and have the body I've always wanted. I think negative and think to myself I'm too old to start working out now and have the body I've always wanted. if you can make a video about this I would really appreciate it

  6. Hey! So I am 15 and I am underweight. In fact I weigh 112 lbs as of now. I want to start going to the gym and stuff but I am a year young in order to go. So all I have at home are some barbells that go from 10-90 lbs., however I don't plan on touching anything above 25 lbs due to my size. What kind of workouts should I do?

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