standard How To Gain Weight & Build Muscle FAST For SKINNY Guys



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  1. Hello Mr. Ram Sir,
    I am 20 and I am medium in body size and I wanna buy "Muscletech Mass Tech Extreme 2000" which gives 80gm protein per scoop… Should I go ahead and buy it? 🤔😅

  2. Nice video bro been watching yours for a while now! I've started my own channel and would appreciate it if you could check it out and just leave me some feedback brother! I'm from the UK to! 👊

  3. Hey ram I just thought of something that you could make. I don't think you really had experience with it, but your brother might. Loose skin, I've been cutting since the beginning of this year and I've always been a big kid. I'm kinda worried about loose skin. Did your brother have problems with this, how did he deal with it?

  4. A lot of ppl are like that, and have that fast metabolism. Half agree that they have to eat more, half also has to do that some ppl just don't work out at all. So maybe recommending some heavy weight low rep routine will help too to put them nutrients to good use and stay in the body? Of course I assume everyone watching works out in some way

  5. I saw your transition video and I just have a question. How long did it take you to get to the point from bulking to shredding. like how long did it take to get the set of abs and everything. Thank you. great vid

  6. will I get fat when lean bulking or while eating more than maintenence calories ……. because I am already skinny fat ( less muscle like skinny guy but more fat ). plz can u help me out

  7. Hey, Im 15 years old and I've been cutting for a while now. Should I go on a bulk or I can still build muscle while cutting since Im still young?

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