standard How To Get Ripped in 1 WEEK (fastest way to lose weight in a week)

How to lose weight and get ripped in just 1 week. This is the fastest way to lose weight and get shredded in a week.

My plan to shed fat and get a six pack:

My plan to build major muscle mass:


  1. hi i was about ask you about my plan to increase my testosterone levels…i am 18 now….

    1- high intensity sprinting intervals and with my shirt off to get vitamin d from the sun…

    2- bodyweight squats

    3- eat a diet rich in meats and eggs and vegtables and fruits and healty carbs

    4- internment fasting

    5- doing 24 hour fasting one day a week

    6- sleep more

    is this plan enogh to increase my testosteron ???

  2. If anyone is seriously looking to lose fat, especially if they have a lot of muscle underneath the fat, then intermittent fasting is definitely the right way to go. Wake up early and do some cardio. Instead of using the energy from food you have eaten (hence fasting) it will use fat for energy and continue to burn throughout the day.

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