standard “I’m a Sellout?”| #EverydayDomination vlog 015

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  1. What's good brandon.I live in Manhattan UES.I see you got a new intern.Damn son.How can I jump onboard the team.I have INM skill's that could help them team.What's a email I can reach you at too talk.And how I can help you expand your brand and help me with my knowledge.Thank;s

  2. theres reasons why people would say that they're is a such thing as a sell out and makin it where u are on your on, when people say sell out I suppose they mean u sold your soul to the devil to get where u are, and theyres making it to where your known on your own from being positive and building confidence makin yourself known, and that's where people get it confused, maybe they say that because they think he's getting money idk but when I think of sell out that's what I'm thinking

  3. Yo Brandon I work at GNC and would love to see your products there including your books, I hope to see Rebellion, Fighter Fuel and Revolt in store sometime this year

  4. Brandon I like your videos, they are authentic. I will tak the Renegade Summit. Would precciate to get some Videos from you where you talk about philosophical stuff, Life, Love, Sex. Oh and do more Livestreams..good way to answer question that way about the Summit and other things. Much respect.

  5. Brandon, you need to open a gym and structure it around having hot girls show off their bodies while working out. Let's be real, there are girls who love that. I demand you open a gym and organize the equipment and exercise gear to match this. Just put weight benches in a circle around a higher platform of pink light free weights. Maybe add a stripper pole next to it. Provide all the tools for the hoes and they will come. Film it and feature it on youtube and lots of men will come too. Everyone just wants to come.

  6. sellout… we live on an economic planet, I want someone to go one day without spending money on something. Your are one person where the value you give for every product or course I have tried far exceeds the price. You can get a month of victory unit for less then two #3's at Micky D's. Food for thought anyone complains about people selling shit especially you, because you deliver on the value prop everytime.

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