standard Joining The Royal Marine Commandos | Qualifications & Pay

Back with another video covering some key questions to joining the military… What qualifications to you need to join? What is the pay like? Officers?
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  1. I'm 16, Doing public services (level 3) now at collage, should i finish the full 2 years or join when i feel ready the marines? i was speaking to the army at collage and all they done was speak shit about the marines saying you might as well join the army and do a combat course to get the green beret while saying the para's have the longest training at 56 week which is total BS, Also they kept telling me that marines only sit on boats in the sea, is that true?

  2. Ever since my mum died in June of this year I wanted to join the marines to make her proud and thanks to u I am losing weight and getting a better state of mind so thank you AJ

  3. Hello, sorry I couldn't say what I wanted to see in the next marine video (I wasn't notified). What I wanted to know was what regular exercises could I do to get me ready for the marines eg: run many miles carrying heavy weight on my back?, as I have 3 years before I can join I would like to get as fit as possible, all videos so far have been very helpful, thanks.

  4. just a quick one, before you do your gym tests at the prmc, how much will they work you beforehand? as in how worked will your muscles be before you actually do your recorded tests? cheers thanks for videos they are really helpful

  5. Hi Mate, how many older 25yrs + recruits did you find on average passing out of training as im curious as to whether older guys are able to cope with demands as much as the younger guys

  6. ive just got a personal trainer who was a PTI in the army the progress is getting better! my 1.5 mile time has went from 10 mins 20 to 9 mins 48 its coming along next year ill be heading to the careers office to sign up!

  7. I would like to join the army air corps as a pilot and I was wondering if a degree would be beneficial for my CV when I apply, I know that there is no requirement for a degree but would it be worth spending lots of money on university fees when the is no need

  8. Hey there what cycle of steroids are you currently taking, I'm thinking about doing steds for the first time. I'm unsure on what to start taking first. Any advice would be Michu appreciated, I am a big fan of your channel

  9. hi bud, I have a question, when you go to join can you chose what commando you want to join? for example if I want to join 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines can I do it or they send you randomly?

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