standard Lean Bulk : Calorie Intake – Working Out Macros – How Many Carbs?!

Muscle Mass Is Back! – How To Work Out Macros and how I aim to keep lean muscle / some form of abs while gaining muscle size and strength.
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  1. what's the best way to cut without losing gains? I bulked up on 3500, if im cutting do I need to cut like 100 calories every two weeks or something?

  2. I need to gain some weight before I join the Royal Marines, I need to be 65kg and I'm currently 56kg. What's the best way for me to put on weight? I'm 17 at the moment and I'm not planning on joining for another 2 years, do you think I'll just put on the extra weight naturally?

    Thank you

  3. Good video as always mate 👍. What's your split during this bulk and what cardio are you doing? This is my first real clean bulk so trying to get on the right track with training side of things, got the nutrition sorted. Hard going shoving they calories down the throat but needs to be done 💪

  4. When I join the Royal Marine Commandos (after training etc) im aware you have to pick a Specialisation of some sort? I was interested in picking the SBS as i am a massive fan of Special Forces. I am also aware that you must complete a Special Forces Selection Course or something along those lines to be able to join the SBS. If i fail the course, what happens? Do i get kicked out of the Royal Marines or do i have to pick another one? Im worried that if i pick the SBS and i fail, i will get kicked out and will have to do it all again.

    Thanks for your help

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