standard Leaving The Military : My Experiences | Regrets | Will I Go Back…

What was is it like coming back to ‘Civvie Street’ after leaving the Royal Marines… Good question! Here’s the views on my experience…
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  1. Absolutely your vids and this 1 reticular has been the best as it gives us a insight on joining, on a new video can you do like a workout routine to join the Royal Marines (including runs if possible)

  2. Did you have the chance to train before joining or did you find yourself fit enough already. Also how hard did you think the training was and was there anything you could of done to better your self when in training ? Cheers Jay

  3. Just thought I would let you know. My great uncle was in the Royal Marines, he was a medic. He served in Korea with the Americans and actually saved 6 American lives. When he died he was given the medal of honour and those US soldiers that he saved came over from the states personally to attend his funeral. Such respect for the Royal Marines and he is my inspiration to train and become a commando.

  4. Cross rifles ey… fair one. The RMR is a massive commitment, you've been there done that. Crack on with what you're doing, you can plod along to your nearest det early 30s and as an ex booty they will snap you up, love the vids mate!

  5. You should join the royal marines again or the paras to change instead of living civ life it would be a lot more fun and paras i believe can get a chance to join the sas

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