standard Markus Ruhl – MONSTER (Bodybuilding Motivation)

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Starring: Markus ”The German Beast” Rühl

Credits to:
Markus Ruhl
Mr.Olympia LLC
Team Andro
Ultimate Nutrition

Robert Slump – Skinwalker
J.T. Peterson – Villain Apocalypse



  1. Looks a bit handicapped to always have the shoulders rotated forward like that, he cant pull them back? His traps seem to be choking him… His pecs are in the way of his jaw to open up. How do he chew his food? I would have claustrophobia in my own body if I looked that way.

  2. BODYBUILDING MOTIVATION; Most of these are neat videos, I like them
    myself, except for the profanity in some, but please let me share
    life-giving wisdom. This is the most important message you could ever
    read. As a 20 year training bodybuilder who came from a violent, abusive
    home full of rage, who pursued money, material things, women, and
    status, please know that to pursue just-this will leave you empty and
    aching for something more. I have fought my way through life to succeed,
    passing around or THROUGH people to move up, to get to where I am
    today. My life is the epitome of these videos, but what if you lose your
    health and can not train. What is left?  God created us in His image,
    so nothing can fill your center heart but Him. I now know the Lord and
    have a loving family, and very successful company, but the difference is
    my heart. Work out hard, like I do, but please search for Jesus Christ
    to be the center of your heart that only Jesus Christ can fulfill, by
    having a personal relationship with Him.  Those of you who know the Lord
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    give you joy, and peace like you could never imagine.  He will give you
    direction. There is nothing better than being inline with God's Will
    for your life, but is MUST INCLUDE GOD! Moreover, you will receive the
    free gift of Salvation. Eternity with God forever and ever. This life is
    only temporary, life with Christ is eternal! May God bless each and
    every one of you.

    John 3:16
    God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that
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