standard Nutribomb Thunderball Protein Shaker (Red and Black combo)

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Stylish Thunderball protein shakers from Nutribomb helps you make a perfect drink to
complement your daily workouts, making each session even more fun and healthy.

– Need to carry your supplement drink outdoors with you?

– Would you love having smooth protein shakes regularly?

– Want a protein shaker that is safe for your health?

– Does washing your protein shaker cup take lots of your time?

– Do you worry about accidental leakage while carrying your drinks to the gym?

This protein shaker can also double up as a water bottle for your runs or trips to the gym,
making it the perfect multi-functional companion to take with you everywhere. The material
of the bottle is also completely dishwasher safe to allow you to wash it easily and thoroughly
to maximize reuse value.

Here’s why you should get the Nutribomb Thunder ball protein shaker;

– This protein shaker is made from BPA free, food safe material that is safe for your health.

– Provided with shaker balls for a perfectly blended protein mix.

– Each bottle has a generous 25oz holding capacity.

– It is dishwasher safe and easy to wash.

– Perfectly fitting cap ensures leak proof sealing.

– Sleek and stylish design which complements your competitive nature.

– Can be easily attached with any hooks or straps.

Give your workouts the energy boost needed. Click “Add to Cart” to make the best tasting
protein shakes easily and carry them around with no fuss at all.LARGE CAPACITY: The Nutribomb Thunder ball protein shaker has a capacity of 20oz, which is enough to store protein shakes that will last throughout your entire workout session to ensure no constant refills or running out of power juice.
BPA-FREE PLASTIC BUILD: The protein shaker bottle features a versatile build made of lightweight BPA-free plastic. Shake your way to a more impactful workout with the practical build of the Nutribomb Thunder ball Protein Shaker.
STYLISH & DURABLE DESIGN: Looking to upgrade your workout gear? The eye-catching design of the durable protein shaker cup will make you want to take it with you everywhere. Plus, the Nutribomb Thunder ball shaker cups for protein shakes are made to last.
MULTI FUNCTIONAL: The versatile design of the protein shaker bottle allows you to convert it from a protein shaker to a water bottle that you can easily carry with you to the gym or on your run as well.
EASY TO CLEAN: The protein shaker bottle is dishwasher safe to allow you quick and easy cleaning for maximum reuse. This offer is backed by 100% Money back Guarantee so grab yourself this versatile workout companion on Amazon today and get more out of your sessions. Click “Add to Cart now!

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