standard NUTRITION: Fat Loss vs Muscle Building | Full Day of Eating | GAMES 2 GAINZ Ep 14

GAMES 2 GAINS Episode 14: This is a Full Day of Eating…with a twist! Follow Kerby, Mike and me as we each vlog our meals for an entire day. Kerby is on a Bulking plan to build muscle, Mike is on a carb cycling fat loss plan to get lean, while maintaining muscle, and I’m just on a lean muscle maintenance nutrition plan.
We cover everything including all of our meals, macros, protein shakes, supplements, what to eat….and what not to eat.

James Grage
The Muscle Geek


  1. why do you have a fat guy on whey protein shakes and low carb days? you roid heads are fucking stupid, he can't have any corn on low carb day hahahahaha, classic man.

  2. James says wasting yolks is bad, but does he know what the manufacturers do with the yolks when making the pure white stuff? Do they discard it or use it? If they just discard it then you're really no better.

  3. Also I can't believe an intelligent person would demonise humble, nutritious corn (110 calories in total, 2.9g of sugar in one ear which is negligible and the third of sugar in a banana) and at the same time slather processed bolognaise sauce all over some nice zuchini and think that's a good idea for a meal? Are you really serious?

  4. Do you measure how much egg whites you use? or have you just done it so many times it kind of comes natural to you now? Also..for anyone. I need opinions on turkey bacon. I usually eat about 3 slices of turkey bacon with my egg whites every morning. (3/4 cup egg whites) I keep getting mixed reviews about turkey bacon. my goal isn't to lose any more weight. I went from 210 to 140 in 12 months. I still have love handles so my goal is to tighten up and gain some size at the same time.

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