standard PART 2 : Break Up & Heartbroken | Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation

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  1. I'm was in an emotional, mental and… physically abusive relationship. I spent effort and time into this person. In the beginning, he was my whole world and I didn't think anything would happen. But it did. It takes a lot for me to drop something I put value into. That's exactly what I did, 2 weeks ago. I left him. I kept thinking that I can't go on like this forever. So I did it, I got up and left. And even right now, it's burning through my heart. Knowing that the person I love is gone. But you know what, it's better this way. I have fallen down. But I'm slowly fighting to get back up. THAT is my struggle.

  2. I met this girl in my freshman year of college. We were together on and off for about a year and half. After my break up, it almost destroyed me. I used food as my support system and gained 70 pounds from 170 to 240 pounds. It was probably the worst time of my life. And then I realized that I can't keep going on like this. I need to find another motivator. Lifting weights had changed my life. I'm currently at 210 pounds and I look so much better than before. In essence what drives me is to look good, feel good, make my ex regret it, and becoming a doctor. I'm at my last year of college. And I'm a lot closer to my goals than a year ago.

  3. I have been there when I was 24, that feeling of depression, self hatred, suicidal thoughts. I know gym is the only thing that can help me move forward in life. But even after two years I'm unable to achieve the physique I have always wanted, there is no depression no more but so much self hatred. I go to gym I feel good, when I feel low then I choose not to go to gym just to hurt myself even more. I always try things to help me keep going, but I fail everytime. Great respect for those who have changed their lives. I hope I will be able to do it someday. Self hatred is my biggest enemy. I hope gym will help me overcome that. Both videos touched my soul deeply. Great Respect.

  4. what drives me is knowing that im hurt and injured but that the pain is fuel to my progress. i train in martial arts and currently going through nerve damage and motivation is the only thing pushing me back to normal so fast

  5. my name's Jon Groff and what I'm fighting up against is heartbreak my wife of 13 years been together for 17 high school sweetheart walks out on me October 25th 2016 tells me she's been cheating on me and I went through a lot of emotion the first two three days but I got this drive back in the so much so that I went to the gym for the first time in 17 years and I've been doing good my self-confidence is coming back up and I really look forward to what the future has in-store for me

  6. and.. what s pushing me to keep on going ?
    My goal to go to France, study there, and live there
    I also wants to be an armwrestler. and i will, that's my goal trough life.

  7. I pushed alot for my gf, now we broke up i feel like i lost a big part of me. I been watching the 1st and 2nd part everyday since then. Slowly it gets better and better but its still painfull. Bodybuilding is my way to release all my feelings. I am really thankfull for this video.

  8. you can survive this there's no advice to any one situation anybody could give you. the truth is all you need is yourself and what motivates you. you can go up and down and back and forth and around again. and through it all you love hate and live again. tear apart and shy away but all you need is to live and dream again. and you don't need to get all busted ass trying it should come easy!

  9. At this moment in my life I really don't know what to do anymore. Since a few months my girlfriend has been acting weird, saying I have changed and she doesn't have the same feelings for me anymore. Ever since that moment I have been doing my best to win her back, taking her out to fancy places, buying gifts, sending cute text everyday and so on. It didn't really changed anything actually. She said that she loved me, but that she isn't in love anymore and I noticed that she did not appreciated me anymore. I thought that it was my fault and I had to fix it.
    After a while I found out that she had been seeing a guy six months ago, that they had multiple dates and she cheated on me. The funny thing is that this guy turned out to be a friend of one of my best friends. And my "friend" knew about this the whole time.
    I am not the person that has thousand friends and I am very loyal to my girlfriend and everyone I care for. She always told me her parents woudn't accept me, because I have a different culture. So i have waited 2.5 years for her, "until she is old enough to go against her parents".
    I honestly feel depressed and I have random moments that my heart starts acting weird, like it hurts and I throw up a few times a week.
    The thing I am trying to say is that some people can hurt you so badly that you feel like dying. That's why I started dieting and working out and now I am motivated as hell. It's okay to feel hurt, but there has to come a moment that you need to pick yourself up en make the best of it.

  10. I was dating this girl, it was pretty serious, our one year was coming up in a few weeks from today and then yesterday.. I woke up and we broke up. I've been trying to look at the bright side of it and focus on myself more but the reason we broke up was because I was so focused on bodybuilding so now I guess that just opens up this opportunity that I have so I'm going to do it with all I've got and prove everyone wrong.

  11. I recently got married to a woman who I thought was perfect. Little did I know that I was going through emotional abuse and was being controlled. I didn't realize all the signs until I caught her messaging other guys as she disregarded how I felt. She would always threaten to leave me or give me ultimatums making me feel helpless and not have my voice heard. All the times where she would go to pills because of our arguments, say she never loved me or always put her self before me made me finally have enough. It hurts so bad and being able to relate to you guys gives me strength. A few days ago I finally hit my boiling point and told her to leave and this shocked her. For the first time in our relationship I felt like I was heard. Now after telling I need time and spending a few days apart I already feel much better than I did a week ago. Currently I am planning on a divorce and not entirely sure on my exact decision.

  12. Thank you for this man I have been having a rough month without her. I have listened to this video four times in two days and every time I feel better so again thank you.

  13. I had a friend in college That had a muscular problem when he was 9 years old. Since then he couldnt walk anymore. He used An eletric wheelchair and putted some speakers on in. In the breaktime i used to conect my phone in the speakers and we used to enjoy our time… He was a really Nice guy. Last year he passed away with only 21 years old. All he ever wanted was to walk, to do what i used to do.. I always noticed That in his eyes. He could only move 2 fingers. That motherfucker had a really Nice smile, i will never forget it. Since he passed away i always carry he with me, like its the day he dreamed to walk. Never give up my friends, for Those Who just wanted to be in your place, thats the real motivation for the true Warriors

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