standard Principles of Optimal Strength Training – Guided Programming

Principles of Optimal Strength Training – Guided Programming

GCR Guided Programming:

Working with good coaches has really helped me progress as a lifter. This guided programming is a great way to learn about programming, get stronger, and have a community of support, all at a very reasonable cost ($16.25 per week if you sign up before 1/10/17).

This service includes:
-A custom autoregulated DUP program based on fatigue drops
-Access to a private forum where you can ask questions for the weekly coaching call
-A form review service as part of the weekly coaching call – limit 1 set per week
-Access to a private Facebook page where you can engage with others running similar programs


  1. "Why DUP?" sounds a lot like "Why do you pee?" lol I thought that coaching was going another direction for a moment. Great information, some of which I hope to put to use in…about 2 hours. Thanks!

  2. Brandon love your vlogs. I have some questions for you. I'm 43. I used to lift a lot but got involved in triathlon for a while and am now back to lifting. I have sprained my ankles several times in the past and have poor ankle mobility. I've purchased bands to improve this which is helping. I also purchased some romaleos. What advice can u give me to improve my squat. I've been doing single leg squats and goblet squats which I can do easier than squats. Besides bands. What else can I do to improve my ankle mobility. Thank you to you and Garrett for these videos which have really helped my strength in the bench and deadlift

  3. Awesome video Brandon, thanks for the upload. I've used RPE for the last couple years just as a simple variable in my own training and for my clients as a personal trainer, Ive had great success. This video is great because it gives more insight into RPE and managing fatigue, thanks! Nice to know I could still make some bigger gains with a reputable coach

  4. FACT: RPE doesnt work. I felt great one day but I still couldnt bench 2 plates. Explain that! See, RPE is just a theory.
    Im going back to 3×10 to sucsess, that's what got me to where i am today.

  5. internet couching isnt worth it,the very thing that makes couching great is that he can give you specific cues right when you train. Doing it from videos is rather lame and not good enough

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