standard Protein Shaker Bottle with compartment BPA FREE – Stackable 3in1 Storage 16oz / 500ml LIMITED – Cup for Whey Protein Powder and Supplements – Shake it with included BALL or NET

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Did you ever wonder how would it be to feel like a real champion?

Now is the time to get in the best shape of your life! And with the help of this fitness shaker bottle you are sure to 100% enjoy your protein shakes or use it for any kind of drink you like.

This bottle with a custom logo “BEAST INSIDE” is made of high quality materials, BPA & DEHP free non-toxic recyclable plastic, which is dishwasher safe, as well as appropriate for a microwave or freezer.

You can use a 16 oz. / 500 ml cup for shakes, a 150 cc jar for proteins and a 100 cc pill organizer. This bottle contains a leak-proof lid and a spill-proof cap. For easier shaking, you can use a net or a ball, depending on your preferences.

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Key Product Features:

• High-Quality Material: All the parts of our Beast Inside Fitness Shaker bottle are made of high quality materials so you can enjoy healthy shakes for as long as you like.

• Easy Wash: When you are done, just remove all the parts, wash them off and use it later.

• Multi-Functional: Mixing jar is composed of net, ball and also containers to organize your pills or protein powder.

• Non-Toxic: It uses non-toxic materials and is safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher or freezer.

• Leak Proof Lid and Spill Proof Cap: Leak Proof cap and spill proof lid ensures that you never spill your favorite shakes.

• Stackable Cup Size: Containers are stacked over each other among which you can avail 150 cc protein jar, 100 cc pill organizer or 500 ml cup size.HIGH QUALITY parts with mixing NET & BALL for preparation of 100% Healthy Protein Shakes.
STACKABLE CUP SIZE 16 oz / 500 ml main space + 150 cc whey protein jar and 100 cc supplements organizer.
BPA & DEPH FREE, non-toxic recyclable plastic with confirmed and signed certificate. 100% safe for Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer.
LEAK-PROOF & SPILL-PROOF Cap, use it easily pre or post workout for any drink you like!
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