standard Slow Reps Vs Fast Reps – Which is Better for Building Muscle?

Should you go fast or slow on your reps? Does it make any difference for building muscle? Learn about rep speeds and time under tension and find out if it’s worth changing up your speed!

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  1. well TUT tends to get better gains for every single person I've seen do it

    have you not seen a 5'9 150 lb kid bench 2.5 plates and look small as hell? yeah

    you have no idea if you've never applied or sewn it in action.

    you can say all you want that the studies say.

    but from practical application … which is true knowledge and education

    a rep scheme that has you at 2 seconds up and 4 seconds down is by far one of you best you can do.

    not only that "volume" is not even that relevant when you workout and practice the contraction in the muscle you are trying to work

    you can have the same guy work the same set and same weight and same volume in a workout and not get anywhere as near a productive workout as someone with a higher rate of contraction

    it would otherwise be illogical

    heavy weights are needed
    and power as well strength specific training are needed

    but building muscle while working out specifically depends on

    Contraction Rate
    Rest Time
    All come before weight
    these ways are going to build you muscle more so then just fast reps

    they are all needed as well as all types of training are needed
    but some are more dominant than others in whatever realm of weightlifting and fitness you join

    aesthetics – Slow 6-12 reps
    at a 2-.5-4 pace is by far more important to stay in then
    going heavy until you blow a disk because your Bros said to go heavy everyday

    also power lifting different protocol and priority

    that's just one of many other examples too many people get caught up in going heavy

    "Heavy" is a relative term by the way

    and "heavy" is really anything that you take to failure because it was "heavy" at the designated rep range and movement pattern

  2. through personal experience i have learned that with slower controlled negatives, and fast explosive positives, you will make great progress strenghtwise and hypertrophy wise and will allow you to hit a fairly good weight to volume balance.

  3. Building muscle is a bi-product of strength. However we know that slow twitch fibers give more mass (bodybuilders have more muscle than strongmen/power lifters), as fast twitch muscle fibers only need to exert force for a small amount time, where as slow twitch muscle fibers exert for much longer, meaning that there are more fibers needed to be able to cope with the long tension time. However, if you are not taking anabolic steroids doing slow reps won't have a significant impact or maybe any impact at all due to the fact that if you are natural you have a hormone balance, and your catabolic hormones will ensure you don't become insanely muscular like a bodybuilder, and this why you see naturals in the gym lifting heavy weights while looking like normal people, and then you have more muscular looking guys lifting much lighter weights. Another point for fast lifting is that it strengthens your central nervous system. I hope what I'm saying is not bs, and if anyone has any comments or criticism please tell me.

  4. this is a really confusing video. Bodybuilding hurts, time under tension and doing slower reps beat the shit out of the muscle, look at crossfitters they fricking move like crazy on those pull up bars but they gain no muscle because they are not beating the shit out of the muscle like bodybuilders do. I guess it depends on the tempo but what works best is explosive positives and slower negatives

  5. This makes sense when considering 5 seconds up and 5 down. Super slow reps, I will agree with you, are not great. But when people say to slow down your reps they normally mean 2 seconds up, 2 down. That vs. going fast. Fast has its purposes but usually isn't as effective at building over all muscle and has a higher risk of injury. Fast sets use momentum that completely counteract your desire to put the muscle under tension. So you are right that 5 seconds up and down are not very effective, but I would say you are wrong in saying fast is better. I have seen lots of great explanations that show why 2 seconds up, 2 down (or close to that) are more effective and safer than fast reps. With that being said, fast reps do have their place in specific workouts.

  6. Confused as fck…I've been lifting heavy for about a year. Eating lean and tearing fibers, so I thought. Growing and see results, but started slower movements and lifting less. I feel the burn more and within a month have seen results that floored me. I've grown more muscle I feel and see within a month going slower and with less….can someone explain? I'm not complaining, I'm happy with the results, I'm just severely confused.

  7. Faster is better not only makes you bigger but makes you stronger as well. Fast reps requires proper form, look up olympic lifters. Of course not everything works on fast reps power lifters which is strong and big have slow reps on their max. All I can say was proper form be comfy and start manipulating workout programs. Sounds easy but this takes time.

  8. I can feel my muscle fatigue more and get the pump when I do 1 second positive 1 second squeeze and 3 seconds negative I feel like I have done more work when in fact I done less reps. As long as you feel the negative that's all you need if you let gravitiy do the job like a 1 second negative then you wont feel a thing and it will be a wasted rep, at that point all your doing is only getting stronger on the positive when you can be making more gains from controlling the weight obviously not a 5-10 second drop

  9. you guys break my doubt for High Intensity Training (HIT) Versus High Volume Training (HVT) for years. honestly, this video is way better than most of complicated articles.

  10. The way I see it, neither is particularly better for building muscle; both are essential. Muscle will adapt to the stimuli that you put forth, hence plateaus. If you use both methods you are making it that much harder for your muscle to adapt to the stimuli present.

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