standard Strength Loss While Dieting | My Personal Experience and How To Avoid This!

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2:36 – How Much Strength Did I Lose?
8:59 – Does This Happen to Everyone?
10:40 – Why Does This Happen?
15:12 – How Can You Prevent/Mitigate This?

This video gives a real-world example of strength loss which results from a period of calorie depletion for the purposes of fat loss. I use my personal experience as a case study and give examples of my big 3 lifts (bench/squat/deadlift) during my bulks and subsequent cuts during the summers prior to some of the men’s physique/bodybuilding shows that did. During this time I would routinely lose upwards of 30+ lbs of body weight and my strength would decline and this video gives specific examples of my strength before and after. In addition, we also focus on WHY this happens (muscle loss, carb depletion, testosterone decline) and a few things you can do to prevent this such as high protein diets, carb preservation, lower volume, carb cycling, and most importantly: TAKE IT SLOW!


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  1. I would love if you could go deeper into training, when it comes to train in a calorie defecit. I would really appreciate it. Shout out from a German Subscriber :)

  2. maybe my body works differently because i've only been working out for around 6 months so still considerably new to lifting, but i fast really long sometimes having only 4 meals a week, and my cutting and bulking don't feel much different.
    i simply gain strength faster on bulks and lose fat faster on cuts. nothing else changes.
    my lifts consistently go up, on cuts they barely move but they do go up, and on bulks i stop losing fat or sometimes lose maybe a pound of fat in 2-3 months.

  3. Hey, what's your take on mini bulk / mini cut cycles? I'm doing a 3 week bulk – 1 week cut cycle and I find it to be awesome. Overall I'm gaining muscle while losing more fat in the week long cut than I gain in my 3 week lean bulk. It's really cool and easy.

  4. good infos as always! Any advice for someone aka ME! who has to take 6+ weeks off from the gym because of abdominal surgery. how to balance trying to keep some muscle (if that's even possible without a lot of stimulous?) and not getting super fat?

    also wrt to your calves situation … do you think this is related to you being a freaking giant? or jsut genetics. or because you hate training them specifically? lol

  5. Legit: (adj.) a measure of statistical significance dependent on a study's sample size. "The study was legit."

    PS. are you an android? What is that thing under your shirt?

  6. Oh my god Dude the quality of your videos is on point.Fitness youtubers can learn a lot from you.I just saw your video on muscle gain and fat loss..The clips and the effects were hilarious keep it up. Very entertaining yet informative content

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