standard Strength training and longevity | Ask Rip #35

Another Seminar Q&A Edition. Mark Rippetoe discusses goals for a 40 year old guy, what a log book should look like after 1 year of strength training, the future of Starting Strength, and strength’s effect on a well lived life.

Recorded at Testify Strength and Conditioning in Omaha, NE during the October 2016 Starting Strength Seminar


  1. I'm not a business owner or manager and perhaps I never will be with my attitude. However, I completely agree with your opinion of not putting in effort to convince someone to do something that they've already made up their mind about, or when they are not motivated themselves. People don't understand me when I say I'd rather use my time helping someone who wants it.

    Maybe it's in part because I'm lazy and it takes more effort than it's worth. But this is a life lesson I learned in my mid 20s which seems to be at odds with everyone else's extreme effort to produce a "sale".

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