standard Strength Training for Karate

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  1. I don't think so. maybe instead of trying to make a quick buck off people for a crappy workout website pass, do karate workout videos yourself and build your YouTube page up?

  2. mh. thanks for your work, jesse! my first thought was: if I want more strength in my Karate waza, I should practise Karate. What is the profit? Please dont misunderstand, Im a great admirer 🙂 osu, Lucas

  3. Iv been going to gym to help with muscular strength. I noticed alot of difference in my body tone. Does gym also help with karate? Also, where are you from? Your accent sounds awesome lol

  4. I just got "Level 1". Great stuff! I finally have a use for my resistance band… However, a number of these exercises use a barbell, which I don't have. Is it safe to use a couple of dumbbells for the lifts?

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