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  1. So I am 16 in 8 days and I began training to join the Royal Marines on March 12th of this year. I started off only being able to do 1 pull up, 10 press ups and around 30 sit ups, I have now come to a point where I have hit a wall when it comes to strength (11 pull ups, 48 press ups and 100+ sit ups) but my sprints and distance running times have been getting faster and faster. Is there a reason as to why this has happened?? Maybe my diet, over training. Hope someone is able to help, thanks.

  2. I'm hoping to join the marines in the next year or two, I've done a weeks training down at Devon back when I was at college so I know what to expect, my training schedule is strong and I'm seeing massive improvements. But my only concern is I dislocated my shoulder in August and for a second time last week, would this massively hinder my chances of joining or can I train in a certain away to avoid it happening again???

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